Main Support

What updates are supported by Watchful?

Watchful updates fall into three categories: core file, free plugins, and premium/commerical add-ons.

Core CMS files

Watchful's updater supports all core releases by WordPress (version 3.7 and later) and Joomla, including Joomla's Extended Long Term Security updates.


Free Plugins/Extensions

Watchful can update:

  • WordPress plugins — any free plugin in the WordPress plugin respository.
  • Joomla extensions — any component, module, plugin, language, or framework in the Joomla Extension Directory that support the core Joomla Updater feature. 

Premium Plugins & Commercial Extensions

Watchful can update a growing list of supported premium WordPress plugins and commercial Joomla extensions

Seamless updates

The videos below demonstrates how free and paid updates are applied: