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Configuring custom SMTP settings

When sending reports to clients, it is often desirable to send the report from your own email address. This reinforces any white-labelling you may have made to the design of the report.

In Watchful, you may enter the SMTP settings of your email account so that messages may be sent from that address. To enter a custom SMTP account:

  1. From the left menu of the Watchful dashboard, select Settings > Email.
  2. Complete the Send email settings form for your email account.
  3. Select the Save email settings button. 

Sending reports from your custom email account 

Full details on using your custom email account as the sender for scheduled email reports can be found elsewhere in the knowledge base.

Troubleshooting custom SMTP settings 

If you are having problems sending reports with the custom SMTP settings:

  1. Check and double check all the account details.
  2. Try both SSL and TLS protocols using the appropriate ports as specified by your email service provider.
  3. If using Gmail:
    1. Enable the Less Secure Apps setting (details).
    2. Use an App Password instead of your account password (details).
  4. Is using a transactional email provider (Sendgrid, Mandrill, Amazon SES, etc...), ensure that you have verified your sending domain.