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Troubleshooting IP Address changes

One of the site parameters monitored by Watchful is the IP Address of your site and the server on which it resides. 

In most cases, the IP Address for your server is likely to remain constant. However, if Watchful detects a new IP Address, you can expect a notification email. 

Understanding IP Address changes

The following scenarios usually result in a single IP Address change and should in most cases should be considered quite normal:

  1. Switching servers or hosting providers
  2. Adding an SSL certificate to your site
  3. Using a DNS-based security service or content delivery network like Cloudflare or Sucuri CloudProxy
  4. Using a dynamic IP Address service like No-IP

Resolving unexpected or persistent IP Address changes

Unexpected IP Address changes — including repeated, persistent changes — may indicate that your domain name and/or host records have been compromised and every effort should be made to understand and resolve this issue.

  1. Domain Name. Log into your domain name registrar and review the information associated with your domain name. Ensure that the domain is not expired and that no changes have been made to the contact information, DNS servers, and/or host records.
  2. Multiple Host Records. The name servers and host records for your domain may be stored either at your domain name registrar or on the server itself. If you have records in both locations, this may trigger issues with the IP Address associated with your domain name. Thus, make sure you keep all your host records at only one of these locations.
  3. New Hosting Provider. If you have moved your site to a new hosting provider, be sure to remove any host records on the old hosting provider to ensure there are no duplicate host records as described above.
  4. DNS-based Services. If you are using DNS services like No-IP, Cloudflare or Sucuri CloudProxy, your IP Address may be changing frequently. Contact your DNS service provider to ensure that this is the expected behavior.
  5. Personalizing Notifications. In some case — such as the use of dynamic IP Address services — you will not be able to prevent persistent changes to your IP Address and you will receive a notification email each time it changes. If you wish to disable IP Address change notifications, you may personalize the notifications in your the My Account area of your profile.