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Removing Google Analytics from your Watchful dashboard

Removing Google Analytics is straightforward, but you must remove/revoke access both at Watchful and at Google.


  1. Login to the Watchful dashboard.
  2. Using the links at the left, navigate to Settings > API.
  3. Click the Remove Access button.

    watchful remove ga access 1

  4. Confirm the change by clicking Yes in the confirmation dialog. 

    watchful remove ga access 2


  1. Log in to the Google Analytics account.
  2. Visit the Apps Permissions page.
  3. Select Watchful from the list and click Remove Access button.

    google remove access 1
  4. Confirm the change by clicking OK in the confirmation dialog.

    google remove access 2

Adding Google Analytics

Once you've completed the steps above, you may want to add Google Analytics again. Please use the dedicated Adding Google Analytics page for that purpose.