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Adding Google Analytics to your Dashboard

As you can see above, our Google Analytics integration allows you to conveniently view some of the most relevant traffic data in the detail view of your website. This information can also be used in reports. Watchful supports multiple Google Analytics accounts to best suit the needs/workflow at your agency.

Follow the instructions below to link your Google Analytics account to Watchful. 

Google Analytics

1. In your web browser, ensure you are logged into your Google Analytics account.

2. Be sure that the URL of your website(s) in Watchful exactly match the URL of the website(s) in Google Analytics. Google Analytics has two places to list your URL, and each must match Watchful:

  • Property Settings
  • View Settings


1. From your Watchful dashboard select any website that also exists in your Google Analytics account. Click the Connect to Google Analytics link.


2. On the confirmation dialog, click Connect your account. You will now be redirected to Google to approve access to your Analytics data. 

google connect account

3. When prompted, select your Google account from the list and click the Allow button.

google grant watchful permission

4. On the following confirmation screen click the Allow button.

google sign in confirm

All of the websites in your Watchful dashboard will now display Google Analytics statistics if they are set up with the Google account selected. 

Additional GA accounts

To add another Google Analytics account to your dashboard, repeat the process above. Note the following variations for each Google Analytics account you add:

  1. Be sure your browser is logged in with desired/new Google Analytics account.
  2. Click the Connect to Google Analytics link in the drawer of one of the sites associated with the desired/new Google Analytics account.

Removing Google Analytics

If you need to remove Google Analytics, please use the dedicated Removing Google Analytics page for that purpose.